The Authority for Prosperity will reveal how prosperity is yours for the taking. You have the authority, the divine right, the key to unlock any door - only if you dare to use it! Prosperity in every avenue of life is a wonderful thing.

It is worth pursuing and this book will lead you to it! Within The Authority for Prosperity, the author has laid out 8 Golden Rules for you to achieve true and lasting success.

No matter your age or your past, your future is brighter and your potential knows no limits. This book is for anyone who knows they are destined for greater things. The Authority for Prosperity will show you that all things are possible for the people brave enough to seek the very best in their lives!.

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"Life isn't about how successful you can become; it's about how you can help others become successful"

If it is change that you're searching for in your life then this is the place to be!

Michael Demadema is the President of Michael Demadema International. As a personal development speaker and author, Michael is passionate about leading people to their ultimate dreams and goals.

A loving father and husband, and a devout follower of Jesus Christ, his teachings are designed to uplift and launch you into action.

It all started when he dared to dream. It all started with a decision to change. That same prosperous attitude is one Michael is devoted to impart on others. Because when you succeed, others succeed too!

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